Kirstie Hunskor is the owner of Wild Dixie Boutique based out of Anacortes, WA.

She chose this photo of herself (pregnant & hospitalized on bedrest) because her parents hate it... like, a lot. She is also writing this little snip-it in third person to drive everyone else in her life crazy. 

Kirstie loves pretty things that don't cost big bucks. She also loves taco trucks, red cowgirl boots, Pioneer Women everything & her 3 beautiful daughters.

Kirstie also loves this guy, Harv: 

In 2018, Kirstie had an idea to turn a 33ft run-down-hunk-of-heap-trailer into a beautiful vintage mobile boutique.

Slight problem though... Kirstie is absolutely worthless when it comes to construction. Fortunately for her, Harv happens to be more than just her eye candy.

Harv is handy. Harv also likes to make Kirstie happy.

While Harv started in on "Demo Day" inside this beast...

...Kirstie, and her friend Jenny Oprah, took off to L.A. in search of clothing designers that would fit the Wild Dixie vision.

They were on the hunt for clothing that screamed a boho/vintage/Dolly Parton & Johnny Cash love child kind of vibe.

They quickly got sidetracked however by the City of Angels charm.

After an oh-so-ever-wonderful-and-memorable-night of singing show tunes at their new favorite bar, they set out (with plenty of Tylenol) to conquer the Fashion District wearing only their finest fashion garments. [Insert heavy eye roll.]


These two Hollywood Hillbillies spent the next few days talking with designers, touching fabrics and learning everything they could about the fashion world.

Once they were back home, boxes full of wonderful and jaw dropping clothing started to pour in.

It was like Christmas -only 100x better!!

This is another one of Kirstie's most beautiful & bestest of friends, Genny.

Genny is an absolutely amazing photographer who spoils Kirstie with gut-bustin' photo shoots. Seriously you guys, check out the magic this full spirited woman is able to capture:

Did you click on the link yet?

No worries. If not, here it is again:

Genny helped Kirstie get some photos taken of the clothes and helped start the ball a-rollin' to launch this website. 

It really does take a village, folks.

Wild Dixie was founded out of love for all of the pretty things in life. It continues to be supported by many wonderful friends & family members who have embraced Kirstie's vision of madness.

Like this guy, Tim:

***Public service announcement:

Ladies, Tim loves his family & has been behind the Wild Dixie dream from day one. He may also be looking for his own Wild Dixie to spend his golden years with.

Doesn't he look handsome holding a baby?

Tim also owned a monkey once. True story. He would love to tell you all about it. 

 THANK YOU all for checking us out. We hope that you will love our clothes as much as we continue to love bringing them to you!


Kirstie (& her village)