BODY Cooling Towel
BODY Cooling Towel
BODY Cooling Towel
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Cooling Towel


Multipurpose Cooling Towel

  • The cooling towels for athletes can be applied as a neck wrap, headband or handkerchief, ideal for athletes, runners, sports fans, workers working outside.
  • The cool neck towel is made of polyester material, keeping water from evaporating, having fine absorb sweat functions, which can keep your neck cool, giving you a nice use experience.
  • This ice cool towel can keep cool for up to 3 hours (depending on ambient conditions), you can wash it in the washing machine, appropriate for you to apply for a long time in the summer and more people.
  • You just need to soak the neck cooling towel in cold water for about 1 minute (the colder the water, the better it cools, soaking the towel in ice cold water is better), then wring out water, next shake it for about 3-5 times, finally you can wear it on your neck to cool you down quickly.

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