Halo Missions JEWELRY S 6.25
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Halo Mission's Rainbow Connection Guitar Bracelet


This beautiful guitar-pick bracelet is handmade in Nashville, TN from upcycled guitar strings by women in some stage of addiction recovery. This design was inspired by a dear, late friend, Brooke Anderson of our mission. Created in her memory by Liz Moser.

  • Our guitar-string bracelets are made of high-carbon steel and are nickel-free (Great for people with metal allergies).
  • The rose-gold colored are bronze plated.
  • The silver strings are steel plated.
  • Pick colors vary.

HALO (Helping And Leading Others) Missions is a guitar-string jewelry company that doubles as a pending 501(c)3 nonprofit vocational rehabilitation service organization located in Nashville, TN. Our focus is women who have struggled with drug and alcohol addictions. The women in the different stages of recovery are taught how to handcraft the jewelry from donated guitar strings as a form of art therapy.

Wire Color: ROSE GOLD



Size (S 6.25")